All 2021 Virtual Summer Camp programs are scheduled to run weekly, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 3 PM, except for Virtual Robotics, which is scheduled to run 9 AM to 12 PM.

Access Instructions: Parents will be sent instructions to access online camp no later than five days before the start of the program. Register early as each session is supported by two instructors and limited to 20 participants only!

VIRTUAL ROBOTICS: This is a special one-week program where campers will use age-appropriate coding skills to command a virtual robot to perform various functions. Mission through Adventure Peak, calculate distance in Frozen Island and dodge some obstacle in The Lost City. Crystal Crater is the city of angles with lots of fun challenges afoot, then you program your way out of Candy Town. Complete program with a Milky way challenge. DATE: 7/12 – 7/16; 9 AM  – 12 PM; 4th – 8th Grade


GAME DEVELOPMENT: This is unique camp for older campers taught by directly by game development experts. Games have become the most popular form of entertainment. 2.69 billion people played a digital or online game in 2020 and that number continues to grow every year! Taught by game development experts, this unique camp exposes campers to the basics of game development.  Date: 7/5 – 7/9; 9 AM  – 3 PM; 7th – 10th Grade


SUMMER VIRTUAL OASIS: This is a series of gamified problem-solving set in an ancient historical location or in a museum. Campers will be led through a path that would involve the application of math, science and engineering principles and skills in solving fun and engaging problems. Rising 4th to 8th graders are eligible to participate in these sessions. Here is a summary of the weekly sessions:




Week 1: Escape From The Smithsonian  

Dinosaurs, gemstones, and whales… oh my! This race through one of America’s most treasured museums will put your scientific knowledge to the test. Will you escape and catch the bad guys? 

With electives: Engineering, Photography and Fitness

June 28th -July 2nd  

Week 2:  Escape Mount Everest  




Was George Mallory really the first to summit Mt. Everest? To find out, we’ll need to recover his missing camera – and live to tell the tale! Learn more about the earth’s tallest mountain, the basics of orienteering, and some of history’s bravest adventurers. 

July 5th– 9th 


Week 3: Escape from Nefertari’s Tomb 



Journey to Egypt in a perilous quest to recover the missing Senet board of Queen Nefertari! You’ll travel from a ransacked archive room to the busy streets of Cairo, then deep into the tombs of Egypt’s ancient rulers. It’s a race against time to escape with the prize! 





July 12 – 16

Week 4: The Sword of Agamemnon 


An ancient rivalry between famed adventurer Tate Grayson and fellow explorer Heinrich Shliemann leads to the disappearance of a priceless artifact. It’s time to put the past to rest – but to do so, you’ll need to brush up on the Olympics, Greek mythology, and many more Greek contributions to the world. 



July 19 – 23 



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