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Celebrating our 5th year with a special STEAM Ahead Initiative. This initiative focuses on the intersection of Art and Science. Three camp options are available: Science Camp, LEGO Camp, & Arts & Craft Camp.

 Steam Ahead Initiative 2014

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  • Marine biology week
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  • Our 2013 campers declared victory on the Atlantic Star during our whale and dolphin watching trip.
  • Why does the Van de Graff generator have this hair raising effect? Join us as we explore the science behind this fun effect.
  • Hands-on learning during our 2013 Marine Life week.
  • 2013 Whale and Dolphin watching trip on the Atlantic.
  • Sign up early for 2014 LEGO Camp to reserve a spot for your child.
  • We offer LEGO education for all ages. Sign up early to reserve your spot.
  • Memories from 2013 flight week.
  • Did you know we're well on our way to vacationing in outer space? These campers are getting ready for the future.
  • Hands-on learning is the most effective form of learning. That's why we go the extra mile to translate theories to experiments and link those experiments to the real world.
  • Wow! Science Campers learn the difference between a healthy lung and an unhealthy one using preserved real lungs in this activity.
  • Our 2013 campers share with their parents and other guests what they learned during the camp season.
  • Campers share their experience at the 2013 camp with guests.
  • A group of campers at the historic Sterling Hill Mining Museum
  • Wow! Science Campers inside the historic Sterling Hill Mining Museum during our geology week.
  • Thanks to NBC 10's Chief Meteorologist, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz, for joining us during a camp graduation ceremony.
  • Mayor David Meyer of Gloucester Township congratulating Wow! Science Campers.

A BIG thanks to all of our donors! Your contributions enable us to reach more children in our communities.

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