Below are the themes and brief summaries for full-day science sessions for 2018. You may register your child for 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks depending on location. Detailed information is available when you click the registration link and begin the registration process. Wow Science will run camps in Marlton, NJ; Camp Evans (Wall Township), NJ;  and Wilmington, DE this summer. Please visit the registration page for information on the exact weeks each theme would be offered at the referenced locations.  

Theme (Marlton) Description (for Marlton Location Only) Click on registration link on homepage to see offerings for your location) Date Eligibility Price Field Trip
Butterfly Haven












Using live egg, larva, pupa and adult butterfly, campers will study the life cycle of butterflies. They will make observations about their development, study various types of butterflies, examine their habitats, food, and migration patterns. Campers will engage in various games that help with memorizing parts of the butterfly. They will use their shape to study symmetry, and conduct some art and craft activities to explore the intersection of STEM and Art. We will close this session by hosting a butterfly release ceremony for our campers. As always, campers will work in small groups of no more than ten campers to one staff member. June 25 – July 6

(2 Weeks)

Junior Camp (K-rising 2nd) $355 per week Trip 1:Lepidoptera Garden at the University of Delaware
Main Camp (3rdto 5th) $395 per week Trip 2: Insectropolis, NJ
Teen Camp (6thto 8th) $395 per week
Theme                                Description Date Eligibility    Price Field Trip
Energy Star How does the food we eat turn into energy? What types of food provide energy to the human body? How much of that energy is used, stored, or wasted? Is there such a thing as too much energy? All of the above questions will be answered as we explore the human digestive system in this food-filled theme. Campers will learn how the human metabolic process works, and what impact various kinds of food can have on the body. As always, all topics are aligned with core curriculum content. They are delivered using hands-on projects and experiments to make them fun and memorable. Special features of this program include a guest physician and field trips that accentuate lessons in the segment.



July 9 – July 20

(2 Weeks)

Junior Camp (K-rising 2nd) $355 per week Trip 1: The M.J. Tobias Adventure to Health Center, NJ
Main Camp (3rdto 5th) $395 per week Trip 2: The Franklin Institute, PA
Teen Camp (6thto 8th) $395 per week
Theme                                Description Date Eligibility  Price Field Trip
Soaps & Lotions In this exciting theme, campers will learn how soaps and lotions are made. Using a variety of oils and other ingredients, main and teen campers will make various types of soaps and lotions. They will vary key ingredients until they achieve the desired levels of texture, efficacy and fragrance. Expect your child to come home and show you a variety of ways to make soaps and lotions! The educational component of this theme is that they will be putting many principles and laws in chemistry to work as they complete the fun projects. Although junior campers will perform various activities related to the process of making and using soaps and lotions, for safety reasons, they will not be directly involved in the making process. They will however enjoy the products made by their older counterparts. July 23 – Aug 3

(2 Weeks)

Junior Camp (K-rising 2nd) $355 per week Trip 1: Seven Arrows East, NJ
Main Camp (3rdto 5th) $395 per week Trip 2: Liberty Science Center, NJ


Teen Camp (6thto 8th) $395 per week
Theme                                Description Date Eligibility Price Field Trip
Maker space Our campers will have an opportunity to put their imagination to use in this theme. Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build, and invent, and we have assembled projects that range from high tech smart devices to recycled household products. Campers will be challenged to build rovers, clocks, solar vehicles, boats, fans, bridges, and more! One of the key differences between a Makerspace and a regular project based camp is that in a Makerspace, campers decide what they want to create with their supplies. Our staff will be there to provide guidance but we look forward to a variety of outputs. Our SCIENCE and TECH camps will be combined for this exciting theme.


Aug 6 –  Aug 17

(2 Weeks)

Junior Camp (K-rising 2nd) $355 per week Trip 1: Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, NJ


Main Camp (3rdto 5th) $395 per week  
Teen Camp (6th  to 8th) $395 per week Trip 2: Academy of Natural Sciences, PA

2018 Refund Policy
Changes and Cancellations
Need to change your summer schedule? No problem. Here’s our policy:
December 1 – March 31: Change sessions for no charge.
Starting April 1: $10 fee per session change.
December 1 – May 1: Receive a full refund minus a $25 per-session processing fee.
May 2 – June 1:  Receive a refund minus a $70 per-session cancellation fee.
After June 1: No refunds. At this point, all summer employment is confirmed, supplies and equipment are purchased and prepped, STEM kits are developed and can’t be returned, trips and buses are booked, and all third party services are secured based on the number of registered campers. 
Fine Prints:

  • Policy applies to all camp cancellations and changes, regardless of original enrollment date
  • All refunds will be credited via original payment method.
  • Camp fees are not refunded or prorated for days of camp missed due to illness or injury.
  • Field trip destinations can be changed due to circumstances outside of the control of Wow Science.

The policies and waivers here are by no means exhaustive. Please read the Parent Handbook, and the Waivers/Policies in the online registration forms for additional details.