What are parents saying?

Feedback Camden Board of Education:

“The program is outstanding!!! At the Camden Board of Education, we held the program at four independent sites.  (One in each area of the city.) The program was such a success this summer that we are working on trying to expand it district wide during the next couple of months.” – Yemele A.

Camper parents:

“Jake’s teacher wanted to know what we did over the summer to assist Jake with math and science and I told him we sent him to Wow Science Camp. He noted that he has seen a remarkable difference in Jake’s level of interest and attentiveness in class. I think this is a compliment to your program. Thank you for putting together such a great program.”  – Simone L.

“How can we get this program into Pine Hill schools? Terrell used to HATE math and now he’s talking about being a math teacher. I don’t know what you all are doing over there but it WORKS!!! Please sign us up for next summer.” – Donna C.

“My six year was happy to attend Science camp. She enjoyed each day’s activity and was eager to share with my husband and I the vocabulary she had learned and what fun fact she knew about weather and science. The hands on activities where a hit. Her favorite was the tornado, that has since made a trip to North Carolina and back being shown off to family and friends. Jeopardy is a nightly routine in our house and she was excited about playing the game in camp. I commend you in your efforts to make science fun and exciting for students.” – Anonymous Parent

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