To give every child an opportunity to be curious and excited about science.


To spark, cultivate, and promote children’s interest in STEM.

COVID-19 update

Coronavirus Information.

This section has been set up to provide immediate access to the latest information about how the current coronavirus situation is impacting our camp plans. We will also post these updates on our social media channels: FacebookYouTube, and Instagram. Of course, you’re always welcome to write to us at

Wow Science Staff are thinking of you, our families of campers, during this challenging and disruptive time. Like you, we are concerned about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact the upcoming summer. Due to uncertainties and the fact that the school is close until further notice, we have decided to CANCEL. our in-person Science Camp at Marlton Middle School. But we are partnering with other organizations to bring you virtual camp.  Our Camp is providing an interactive summer camp that provides a variety of unique and enriching activities.

This Camp is not going be another Zoom program, but it will give the kids opportunity to socialize, see their friends and learn something new.

We understand many parents are nervous that their child may not be ready for the 2020-21 academic year. As a result, we will offer a variety of academic support to help them get ready for the next school year.