Our son Eduardo has greatly

Our son Eduardo has greatly enjoyed your summer camp and is already asking to return next year. He is eager every morning to attend his program and cannot wait to tell us in the evenings how much he has learned. The teachers are exceptional and truly enthusiastic about teaching the children science, math and my son’s favorite class, manners. Eduardo has truly started to developed a great interest in science and math, is not afraid of solving math problems and is asking questions that reflect his curiosity and what he has learned in the program. Originally, we could only afford five weeks of the summer program, but thanks to a gift of a donor, our son is now able to participate for six weeks and he is delighted. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to have our son Eduardo participate in your amazing summer program. Your one to one attention, your support of parents and you dedication to teaching the youth about the importance of the sciences is what makes your program a remarkable one! Thank you! You are all doing a wonderful job! And you will certainly see our family again next year!

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