Homework Support – 2 Sessions (Live)


Meets Tuesday At 6:30 AM EST

45 Minutes/Week For 2 Weeks

Oct 16, 2018 To Oct 23, 2018

Grades K-2,3-5,6-8,High School

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Homework Support – 2 Sessions

Every student does not learn at the same pace, and the same teaching approach does not work for every child. Given the size of many classrooms and the ever-growing pressure on teachers, there isn’t enough time during school hours to ensure every child receives the individualized attention they need.

Wow Science Tutoring is designed to bridge this gap. Students receive individualized attention with their school work. Our goal is not only for them to do the work, but to understand and master the topics they learn. Our tutors will work with students to set up a mutually convenient time for the tutoring to occur.

Homework support is available in the following subjects:

Homework Support – Math

Homework Support – Writing

Homework Support – Reading

Homework Support – Science

Homework Support – History

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