We are thankful to all the parents and guardians who give their children the opportunity to participate in our program.

Here is how you can help us ensure that your child is properly registered and prepared to have the best camp experience possible:

Registration: Use the link on the top right corner of the homepage to register your child for camp. Registering early will help you ensure that your child holds a spot in the 2018 camp.

Payments: You can make full or partial payment at the time of registration. Many families register early and pay biweekly or monthly until their balance is paid in full. Full payment for the camp is due prior to the start of camp.

Changes: Need to change your summer schedule? No problem. Here’s our policy:
December 1 – March 31: Change sessions for no charge.
Starting April 1: $10 fee per session change.

Cancellations and Refund Policy: 
Here’s what happens if you cancel your registration:
December 1 – May 1: Receive a full refund minus a $25 per-session processing fee.
May 2 – June 1:  Receive a refund minus a $70 per-session cancellation fee.
After June 1: No refunds. At this point, all summer employment is confirmed, supplies and equipment are purchased and prepped, STEM kits are developed and can’t be returned, trips and buses are booked, and all third party services are secured based on the number of registered campers.

Immunization Record: There is no longer a need to fax immunization records. There is, however, a question on the registration form that every parent must respond to: Is your child’s immunization record up to date?

Clothing: Campers should wear comfortable clothing and shoes (sneakers please).  Sandals with heels and flip-flops are not recommended for camp or field trips.

Items Brought to Camp: While smart phones and watches, tablets, earphones, cameras, camcorders and similar electronics are allowed at camp, Wow! Science Camp® is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Items of great sentimental and/or monetary value should be left at home.

Drop off Responsibility: Camp opens at 9:00 AM every morning. Parents/guardians should drop off their children on time. Timely drop-offs allow campers to fully participate in the first lesson or activity of the day. On time drop off on trip days is especially important as some of our destinations are far and require significant travel time. Early departures allow us to make the most of our day.

Pickup Responsibility: Parents/guardians should pick up their children in a timely manner (within 15 minutes of end of day). The camp day ends at 4:00 PM. Pickup must be by a parent or legal guardian. Authorization to release campers to another individual must be designated in writing. The Authorization Form is included in the online registration app. At the end of each camp day, parents must sign out their child and pick up any informative memo.

Optional Extended Care – Early Drop-off: Parents/guardians can drop off campers as early as 7:30 AM. Parents can drop off their children from 8:30 AM without a surcharge. If you anticipate needing optional extended care for early drop off, please select this option when you register. You will be helping us plan ahead so we can adequately meet your need. There is a $100 bi-weekly surcharge ($10 per day) for early drop-offs regardless of the number of days in the week.

Optional Extended Care – Late Pickup:  Parents can pick up their child until 4:29 PM without a surcharge. If you anticipate needing optional extended care for late pickup, please select this option when you register. You will be helping us plan ahead so we can adequately meet your need. There is a $100 bi-weekly surcharge ($10 per day) for a late pickup regardless of the number of days in the week. The latest a child can be picked up is 5:30 PM. 
These surcharges are to cover the additional cost of having staff start earlier than their normal schedule or work later than originally scheduled. By policy, we must have a minimum of two staff members present at all times, even if there is only one child left at the camp. Parents who anticipate early drop-offs and late pickups should check the appropriate box on the registration form.