One of the parents whose child has attended camp the past three seasons, Mr. P. Stephen, unsolicited, sent us these 30 reasons that your child should attend Wow! Science Camp this summer:

30 Reasons to Choose Wow! Science Camp for Your Child this Summer
  1. They make science and math attractive and exciting even to kids who have had a bad experience with the subjects.
  2. They offer programming in three different ways—Science Camp, LEGO Camp, Art and Craft—so that campers can have options in terms of what piques their interest.
  3. Their hands-on programs reinforce the Next Generation Science Standards.
  4. They pursue grants and offer income-based financial assistance.
  5. They offer incredible field trips. I took them up on the offer to attend the Statue of Liberty trip. It was my first time there and my son and I had a great experience.
  6. They encourage girls to embrace science. Just take a look at any of their camp pictures. There are just as many girls as there are boys.
  7. They are creative. I have seen projects that stop even adults in their tracks. Case in point, a 50-foot solar balloon they made in Cherry Hill had traffic crawling on Route 73.
  8. They are resourceful. They come up with new themes and projects every summer.
  9. They listen. They invite parents to share ideas about projects and other ways to cultivate children’s interest in science.
  10. They provide free lunch courtesy of sponsors and grantors.
  11. They use Art and Craft to build children’s interest in science.
  12. They factor in every child’s ability. If your child is in the Main Camp but is advanced enough to participate in Teen Camp projects, and you want your child to join in the higher level projects, they will accommodate your request or give you a recommendation along those lines. The reverse is also true.
  13. They use the most effective form of learning—hands-on learning—in their program. Children are most likely to remember what they learn when they learn by doing.
  14. They make science and math FUN!
  15. They use games and simulations, including educational LEGO products that children are already familiar with, to promote interest in science.
  16. They use primarily simple materials to demonstrate and explain complex scientific concepts.
  17. They hire passionate scientiststeachers and child advocates to lead the program. My son attended camp in Cherry Hill where Dr. Matt Severs, a geologist, led the group and brought incredible insight to the Geology theme and field trip.
  18. Their program uses a hands-on approach to reinforce what children are learning in their classrooms.
  19. They run half-day and full-day programs to give parents more options.
  20. They advocate for children’s interest in science. I have seen their articles in newspapers and appearance at policy events to promote children’s interest in science.
  21. They make science fun for the entire family.  They organize school assemblies, star parties, and other special events to which all family members are invited.
  22. They care. Cost of Extended Care comes out to $10 in the morning and $10 in the afternoon. My kid’s school charges $35 for being a half hour late.
  23. They are safe. I am told there has not been a single project related injury since inception. My kids have been there three seasons and I have volunteered a few times. I did not witness any project related injury or accident.
  24. They are reliable. They start on time, end on time, and continue for the duration of the camp.
  25. They are flexible. Need to change from one week to another or add another week midstream? No problem!
  26. They are run by parents whose eligible children also participate in the program.
  27. They are staffed properly. The ratio of staff to camper is never more than one to ten.
  28. They are affordable. Spend a minute to Google similar programs and you will quickly discover their pricing is extremely reasonable.
  29. They make mistakes, and take appropriate corrective action. Of course, they do. One time I did not receive the email announcing an earlier than scheduled trip. They consequently left my son behind. They arranged for two counselors to help my son make up what he missed on the trip on the same day, and then offered us a free makeup trip. He was very happy with the outcome.
  30. For me, one of the most important reasons I put my child here is that they truly care for every child as if he were their own.”
Our thanks to Mr. P. Stephen for sharing his thoughts about the program with us.