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2017 Wow SCIENCE Camp Themes

Below are the themes and brief summaries for full day, two-week, science sessions for 2017. Our overarching theme is STEM Fiesta! We chose this theme as we have assembled an array of projects that build on various science subjects including but not limited to biology, chemistry, earth science, space science, and physics.  This specific program is available at the Marlton location only. 
June 26 - July 7
This theme explores the topic of light and optics. Light is visually perceived radiant energy. It is what energizes our visual system. Light reflected from objects into our eyes enables us to see. Optics is the science of light. It's the study of how light behaves and interacts with matter. Campers will conduct many fun, age-appropriate projects as they explore hands-on this important topic. They will learn that energy can take one of two forms: matter and light (called electromagnetic radiation). Light is energy in the form of either a particle or a wave that can travel through space and some kinds of matter. They will encounter such concepts as light wave, microwave, lens, concave lens, convex lens, gamma rays, light source, light speed, reflection, refraction and wavelength. If these terms seem confusing, you understanding why we promote hands-on learning. The concepts are much easier to grasp when seen and applied than just being told about them! Your child will join us in spreading the light of knowledge after this activity-rich session.
Week 1 Field Trip: Friday, June 30. Lancaster Science Factory, PA
Week 2 Field Trip: Friday, July 7. Hayden Planetarium at Rose Center for Earth and Space, NY
Eligible: K-8
July 10 - July 21 

At the end of this session, we anticipate that even Sherlock Holmes will be proud of the problems that our young sleuths will be able to solve. This beginner (Junior Camp), Intermediate (Main Camp) and Mastery (Teen Camp) series is all about harnessing different aspects of science to solve crimes. In the activity-rich introductory section, campers will examine their own fingerprints for arches, loops, and whorls. They will practice lifting latent fingerprints for observation. They will study splash patterns and inherited traits. In exploring basic chromatography, they will experiment with different ingredients and hues to make the same color. Our Main and Teen Campers will proceed to learn how to analyze fiber (e.g., hair), body fluid (using synthetic blood) and footprints, all of which could be present at a crime scene. And then, the real fun begins – they will apply knowledge of all the basics they have learned to solve crimes! 
Week 3 Field Trip: Friday, July 14. Printing Center of New Jersey 
Week 4 Field Trip: Friday, July 21. The Thomas Edison Center, NJ
Eligible: K-8
July 24 - August 4

In this exploration of living things, we hone in on the study of animals. Depending on age cohort, campers will have access to synthetic, live and/or preserved animals for study and analysis. With many age-appropriate hands-on activities, they will examine the differences between aquatic, terrestrial and aerial animals. Campers will study the food, habitat, and migration patterns of select animals. Teen Campers will have an opportunity to dissect and explore closely the physiology of chosen animals. If your child wishes to become a veterinarian after this session, you can blame us for itJ
Week 5 Field Trip: Friday, July 28. Cape May Whale Watcher, NJ
Week 6 Field Trip: Friday, August 4. Oasis Family Farm, NJ
Eligible: K-8
Theme 4: MOVE ME!
August 7 - August 18
Campers will conduct many fun projects around the topic of motion. They will conduct velocity and acceleration experiments. They will assemble and operate powered mini vehicles, fans, and other moving devices. Through many hands-on activities, they will explore the concepts of force, motion, mass, gravity, weight, velocity, acceleration and Newton’s three laws of motion. Main and Teen Campers will build g-force accelerometers, and much more!
Week 7 Field Trip: Friday, August 11. Information Age Learning Center, NJ
Week 8 Field Trip: Thursday, August 17. Turkey Hill Dairy in Lancaster, PA
Eligible: K-8   
2017 Refund Policy
Changes and Cancellations
Need to change your summer schedule? No problem. Here’s our policy:
December 1 – March 31: Change sessions for no charge.
Starting April 1: $10 fee per session change.
December 1 - May 1: Receive a full refund minus a $25 per-session processing fee.
May 2 - June 1:  Receive a refund minus a $70 per-session cancellation fee.
After June 1: No refunds. At this point, all summer employment is confirmed, supplies and equipment are purchased and prepped, STEM kits are developed and can’t be returned, trips and buses are booked, and all third party services are secured based on the number of registered campers.
Fine Prints:
  • Policy applies to all camp cancellations and changes, regardless of original enrollment date
  • All refunds will be credited via original payment method.
  • Camp fees are not refunded or prorated for days of camp missed due to illness or injury.
  • Field trip destinations can be changed due to circumstances outside of the control of Wow Science.
The policies and waivers here are by no means exhaustive. Please read the Parent Handbook, and the Waivers/Policies in the online registration forms for additional details. 
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