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Science Projects

Here are a few samples of the hundreds of experiments and projects available at our camp:

Fuel Cell CarFuel-Cell Car. Build a car that runs entirely on sunlight and water.  Use a solar cell to convert sunlight into electricity. Then use that electricity to split the water molecule (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen atoms and store them in separate tanks. Flipping the system around to allow the hydrogen and oxygen gases to mix will produce the power to run the car and create an exhaust product that’s just plain water! Sound like fun?

Solar BoatSolar-Powered Boat. Use solar cells and basic ideas from electricity and robotics to build a solar-powered boat.

Hydraulic MoverHydraulic Earth Mover. When you hear the word hydraulic, what comes to mind? The term simply means “using fluid power.” Many machines and devices use liquids to move, lift, drive, and shove things around. You will put hydraulics to work by building and operating an earth mover.

Burglar AlarmBurglar Alarm. Using simple motors and circuits, you will build a burglar alarm. You can design how the alarm is activated (tripping a wire, applying weight to it such as stepping on a trigger, etc.)

Vinegar VolcanoVinegar Volcano. A volcano is an opening or rupture in a planet's surface or crust, which allows hot magma, ash, and gases to escape from below the surface. Using household products, you will make and experience a volcanic eruption.

Fruit BatteryFruit Battery. Did you know there is electric power in the tomatoes and melons in your garden? This experiment shows how a battery works using electrochemistry.

HovercraftHovercraft. The first hovercraft was designed for military use in 1915, and was mostly operated over water. In the 1930s, inventors combined simple aircraft principles into their designs to produce the first vehicles that utilized “ground effect” and could hover over land. You will work with fellow campers to build a hovercraft that works.

Disappearing EggshellDisappearing Eggshell. Did you know you can make the shell on an egg soften up like Jell-O? The same process can be used to soften bones and make them flexible. At the end of the experiment both the shell and the bone regain their hardness.

Crystal RadioCrystal Radios. A crystal radio is among the simplest of radio receivers. There’s no battery or power source, and very few moving parts. Learn how to pick up sound that’s traveling on a light wave.

Underwater RobotUnderwater Robot. Learn about thruster motors, and create the chassis and controller for an underwater robot that really swims! The underwater robot moves in all six directions.

Solar CookiesSolar Cookies. Bake cookies for campers using simple materials and solar energy. This is an experiment that everyone relishes.

Polymer SlimePolymer Slime. Ever wonder how slime is made or what it’s made from? Want to make your own slime and make one that glows? Learn how in this cool experiment.

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