Wow Science Camp

Money-Management Curricula

Money-Management Skills
(Pre-K to K)

Money-Management Skills
(1st to 3rd Grade)

  • Money recognition (understand penny, nickel, dime, and quarter).
  • Learn the value of each coin.
  • Learn the denominations of dollar bills (paper money).
  • Practice basic counting.
  • Learn addition and subtraction using fake money and money games.
  • Learn how to combine coins and bills to create higher values.
  • Learn decimal points in counting money using money games.
  • Understand the meanings of  basic arithmetic operations: addition and subtraction (joining, separating, comparing), multiplication (repeated addition, area/array), division (repeated subtraction, sharing).
  • Value of money (introduction).

Money-Management Skills
(4th to 6th)

Money-Management Skills
(7th to  9th Grade)

  • Review skills of computation to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, decimals, integers, percentages, and money values.
  • Using math games, learn about conversion and giving correct change; review basic arithmetic operation.
  • Continue lesson on the value of money.
  • Learn basics of personal finance (savings, budgeting, opening an account, balancing a checkbook).
  • Learn investment basics.
  • Review percentage, conversion, interest.
  • Learn banking basics by operating a fake bank account.
  • Learn investing basics using games and simulations; invest in bonds, property, and commodities; trade stocks.
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills; understand how to  start and run a fake business.
  • Prepare and report basic profit-and-loss statement.
  • Learn how credit works.
  • Learn different types of insurance and why they’re important.
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