Wow Science Camp

Math Games (Up to 9th Grade)

math_gameThe following is a sampling of the games we offer at the camp:

  • Decisions game – Decisions is a money-management game played in the context of the stock market. Players attempt to increase their wealth through strategic decision-making in buying and selling stocks.
  • Budget game – Players have fun learning the benefits of planning their budget and sticking to it. The realities of real-life economics are experienced as players buy a home, pay for insurance, make investments, etc.
  • Abalone Game –Abalone™ is an exciting game that bolsters math and reasoning skills.
  • Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Board Game – Teaches real-world investing, accounting, and finance skills.
  • Allowance: A Consumer Math Game – Helps children grasp the practical money skills they need for daily life.
  • Math Football Game – Facilitates understanding of whole numbers, fractions, measurement, metric units, reciprocals, and more using the game of football.
  • Let's Go Shopping – Teaches skills for making smart buying decisions.
  • Mutual Mania Board Game – Learn about the stock market and the real world of investing.

Math games for younger campers

  • Math Games or Younger CampersAngleside School Adventure Geometry Game.
  • Cash Bash® Electronic Money Game.
  • Build and Block! Double Game Series, Addition and Subtraction.
  • Dino Math Tracks® Place Value Game.
  • Coin counter (includes fake coins and bills) for classroom activities.
  • Little Spender Game.
  • Pocket Change: Money Games.
  • Money Sudoku
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