Wow Science Camp

Examples of Science Projects

 Our program participants will have an opportunity to perform many fun, age-appropriate experiments and projects that demonstrate how science makes a difference in society.

Here are examples of projects that have been completed by middle schoolers:

Oil Spill Cleanup Experiment. This experiment is designed to teach kids about an oil spill and let them investigate cleanup methods. Campers learn about the polarity of water, use feathers and sponges to study the effects of crude oil on animal life and the environment, and try out real techniques that are used to clean up an oil spill (such as absorption and dispersion).

Chemistry of Food Experiments. Campers will learn about the chemical components of everyday foods as they test them. They will perform qualitative tests for glucose, starch, protein, and vitamin C. This experiment gives students familiarity with chemistry lab procedures.

Environmental Testing. Campers will learn about pollution and the environment in this project. They will be guided to do nine tests for air and water to test for pollutants where they live. They will measure water hardness, the pH of water, the level of carbon dioxide in the air, smoke density, and more.

Crime Scene Science Experiments. Campers will have an opportunity to explore the field of forensic science and perform seven fun and detailed experiments to determine which of four suspects is responsible for stealing diamonds. Projects include dusting and fuming for fingerprints, fingerprint analysis, chromatography and ink analysis.

Gold Panning. This experiment shows campers how to pan for gold. They work with dry washer panning gravel from the Mojave Desert that contains real gold, along with a variety of minerals such as quartz and rhyolite.

Perfume Science Projects. Campers will explore the chemistry of perfume while making their own unique scents with the 20 activities in this project.

Cosmetic Experiments. Campers will make cleansers and lotions for face and body, as well as lip gloss and foundation face makeup. They will learn properties of the skin and the three different layers it has, while having fun mixing scents and colors to make their own cosmetics.

Earth Mover. Some kids are mostly interested in building stuff. With this and several other experiments, we demonstrate that there’s room for all kinds of builders in science. Campers will build a 3-axis hydraulic pneumatic earth mover that actually works as they learn about hydraulics and pneumatics.

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